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  • Is your work getting in the way of your career?
  • Is your career getting in the way of your ambition?
  • Are you floating through life with no control over where you go next?

These types of questions are very common, especially after you have made some career progression, but now you are not sure which direction to take in your career, and indeed your life. If we continue down an uncertain path, we may not ever reach our potential.

Resume Writing Services has a range of products, services and training that can guide you to the answers you may be looking for.

Interview Skills Training

Over a period of 8 years, a unique technique has been developed by the interview trainers here at Resume Writing Services. The founder of the company, ex-sales trainer/recruitment consultant, David Gillon, started delivering the training in 2009, helping everyday professionals, public servants, and even company directors and senior government candidates. Through feedback gained, our candidates confirm that the structure we teach works, and is a very simple method to pick up, generally in just one session.

Our interview trainers deliver a one-on-one custom session with you, designed to give you a goal to achieve throughout the interview. This interview preparation has been developed and enhanced through years of training, feedback, and results. Our unique process involves learning a technique to enables the selection panel or interviewer to visualise you succeeding in the new role in the future. It's a very powerful technique that once you know, you will use at every interview you attend!

Our interview skills training sessions are done via a phone consultation and email communication. Each session is tailored to you as a candidate, and for the specific role(s) you may be targeting. If you have example questions lined up, we will use those in context with training you on our techniques.

LinkedIn Writing & Training

A great or poor online presence can be a defining factor in a recruitment decision, securing a professional online presence is essential.

LinkedIn profiles, networking and securing jobs with LinkedIn is a reality that many would not have believed possible of what is essentially a social networking website. Now up to 79% of all top ASX listed companies are using LinkedIn as part of their recruitment and candidate attraction strategies. If you haven't already, a look into "LinkedIn" to really find out what it is all about may be worthwhile.

Our leading LinkedIn Expert is a former State Manager with in recruitment sector, and is a very big advocate of LinkedIn as a sound method for candidate searches, job advertising and general recruitment methods. During your training consultation, you will find out the best methods to enhance your profile, make it more searchable, and ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance to find, or be found on this professional career social network.

Job Sourcing and Best Application Methods

If you have found yourself in the same position for a number of years, and then suddenly need to look for more work, you will have found job seeking is a lot different to what it was 5 years ago. With over 99% of all application being processed online and through email, you may not know where to start, or the best methods to send applications, follow up application and everything that is needed for a successful job search, we can help.

Resume Writing Services can do a one on one session with you, teaching you the best ways to apply online, send emails with attached resumes, tailor your cover letter for roles, follow up on applications, and secure that ideal position. Call or email us today for a quick response from one of our friendly consultants.More and more often decisions about employment are being made with the assistance of social media, and what is reflected through your personal online profiles.


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