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Question By Thomas of Mackay
I am Diesel fitter and want my resume to be writen up,how much would it cost
1 answers
Saturday, 07/12/2013 12:04
Answer by David Gillon of Macksville, New South Wales (Featured User)
Hi Thomas, Thanks for your question - You can view all of our prices online at www.theresumeshop.com.au. Or you can simply call 1300 99 11 94. There are always specials running on various products and we hope to be able to assist in helping you. Please also review the resume gallery on this website, there are a number of trade / mining / oil and gas resumes to view.
Question By Cordia Spence of Melbourne
An engineering friend of mine just got a very high paying mining position through LinkeIn, they identified he had the exact skill they needed and offered him everything plus the kitchen sink to accept the role.

I have looked into LinkedIn and I can't see how it happens, how the companies find you etc... Can you please give any advice on this? I will be looking forward to your response.

P.S I love your website, the resume designs are very good.

1 answers
Friday, 06/12/2013 06:19
Answer by David Gillon of Macksville, New South Wales (Featured User)
Hi Cordia, and thanks for your question, LinkedIn is a new way to find and be found when it comes to job search, 'head hunting' and 'job alerts'. There are a number of ways to utilise LinkedIn's networking functions to improve your career. Firstly connecting to the companies that you would ideally love to receive an offer from, also ensuring you have a strong network of colleagues will ensure your reach to 2nd and 3rd degree connection will amplify. Select Resumes offers both LinkedIn profile writing, and LinkedIn training, for a more advanced understanding of how to best utilise this innovative professional social networking tool. You can check out more info about the service and our trainers here: Professional LinkedIn Profiles
IT Business Analyst
Question By Jaydeep Makwana of Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Hi Team,

I'm interested in availing your professional services to get my next role.

Please advise when can we have a phone conversation to determine how you can assist me.


1 answers
Tuesday, 12/11/2013 08:10
Answer by David Gillon of Macksville, New South Wales (Featured User)
Hi Jaydeep, We would love to help you. Please email us using the contact form on this website (on the contact page top right corner). You could also give us a call and speak to one of our consultants any time from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week on 1300 99 11 94.
Question By Zoe November of Melbourne
My friend told me that I should not take any notes to my job interview. Is this right, or are notes OK to take with me?
2 answers
Thursday, 31/10/2013 09:21
Answer by David Gillon of Macksville, New South Wales (Featured User)
Hi Zoe, It's a great question that you ask, from my previous career in sales, training & HR, then recruitment and running Select Resumes, I can clearly remember one candidate that stood out as the best interviewee. His name was Michael, and he had a note pad. When I asked Michael a question, he wrote a few words about what I had asked, considered them, and then looked up and gave the best answered you could want. Personally it is your choice about taking a note pad into your interview, and like everything it comes down to preparation and confidence. If you are using your notepad because you can't remember your own experience and you need to read it, then notepad or not, you are not going to get the job. Preparation is everything, and sometimes that can include using a notepad and pen to keep track of tricky or multifaceted questions that may be asked. Writing a few words about the question as it is being asked can help you stay on track, and ensure you are answering the question that has been asked, and nothing else. It can help you stay on track and keep from rambling on and on. If you are interested Select Resumes does interview skills coaching and also mining, nursing and teaching specific interview skills sessions. After a session with one of our interview skills trainers, you will know if a notepad is the best way forward for your personal situation. Thanks! David


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