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Wondering how we create our professional resumes with such a "WOW" factor?
We think of the 4 C's!
Consult, Collect, Compile, Create

Our Full Professional Resume Service:

  • 1) Comprehensive phone consultation with an experienced, professional resume writer
  • 2) Professional resume writing from start to finish
  • 3) Professional resume editing by qualified editor
  • 4) Professional resume design (we offer over 100 design options)
  • 5) Full 30 day revision guarantee period

Our comprehensive step-by-step process includes a phone consultation with an experienced and professional resume writer, all writing from start to finish, professional editing, and professional design. See our packages below to help choose the best service for you. Our prices are tailored to industry type, level of candidacy and targeted income levels.

Junior Resume and Cover Letter

This resume service may be suited to: School leavers, part-timers, casual work around study, juniors seeking apprenticeships.

If you are under 18 years of age and have less than 12 months of working experience, we offer a very low price. We offer this to help juniors take the best first steps in their career. By offering you the best chance to start you career off well, we hope to be able to work with you on an ongoing basis as you seek progression through your career.

Graduate Resume and Cover Letter

This resume service may be suited to: University graduates, accounting graduates, business graduates, nursing graduates etc...

If you are a graduate, not currently working full-time, we offer a fantastic service tailored to your profession of choice. We have a wide scope of experience within our team of writers, so it is likely we can pair you with a writer with specialist HR or recruitment experience within your chosen field of expertise.

Professional Resume and Cover Letter

This resume service may be suited to: Business professionals, marketing officers, government employees and many more.

If you are currently on a salary package of $40 - $79k, no matter what industry, this package is for you. This is our most popular product, and has helped thousands of candidates achieve better results throughout their career. We teach professionals to take more control of their career, and assist this by providing state of the art, professional career documents that are sure to impress even the most stringent prospective employer.

Executive Resume and Cover Letter

This resume service may be suited to: Directors, executives of all types, candidate's targeting roles paying $80K or above.

Our team consists of 3 of the best executive resume writers in the industry. When placing an order, we will discuss the background and suitability of our executive resume service, and which resume writer will offer the most value to you and your resume. From a commercially minded Director, or a Senior Manager within Government, to a high flying Account Manager, we have the executive resume writing team for you.


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