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Our team of selection criteria writers have helped thousands of candidates achieve interviews, job selection and career progression. We work with you on a one on one basis, and don't simply rely on written information to produce your government application. Every client will be consulted with and interviewed; this allows us to probe into your experience and help decide which part of your experience is the most suitable example to address each selection criterion.

The Founder of Resume Writing Services came directly from a recruitment position that involved shortlisting government positions using selection criteria, working closely with organisations like local council, Centrelink, emergency services and more. This experience formed the foundations of our process; consulting, writing, editing and revision to a high standard, ensuring your application is a cut above the rest.

Resume Writing Services has produced interview winning selection criteria for almost every Australian public sector, non-government, not-for-profit and educational institution in Australia!

The most common types of applications that we do include:


A more concise application, utilising the STAR method, we write this popular style of response for some areas of Government, for example Queensland Health. Other states and organisations have followed suit, and more are now asking for an "up to 2 page cover letter" or "statement of claims no more than 2 pages" addressing the key capabilities of the role.


Similar to the above style of application, however there may be more actual points to address, and therefore a longer page limit is offered.


If there are no page or word limits listed on the position description or job advertisement for the role, we research the organisation website and try to identify if there are any word limits listed as a general guide for applications for roles within that particular government job. Many jobs are advertised without words limits, and simply ask for the candidate to "address the selection criteria".

In this case we deliver approx. 350 - 500 words, or around 1 page. This is generally considered as a standard selection criteria response. For this service we have a set price per response, however if there are more than 6 points, we will tailor a specific quote to ensure the price of our service remains affordable.


Our Selection Criteria Writers are ready to take on the challenge and get you that next interview! We offer experienced public sector writers, with many of our writers being former government employees with many years of experience writing, grading, scoring and shortlisting selection criteria applications. Our superior selection criteria writing process allows us to extract examples from within your experience to address the specific criteria of the role. Through experience, our selection criteria writers know to study the position description, the position advertisement, and even the organisational website to ensure we are addressing the selection criteria to the specific specifications listed within the position description, or within any position documentation. We will also review your resume and other career documents prior to a phone consultation to delve further into your experience.



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