Creating a resume for your dream job can be a daunting process. There is a plethora of information out there on ‘how to create the perfect resume’, and just as many services offering a ‘resume writing service’. The question is: what sets one resume writing service apart from another? More importantly: what is it that sets a cheap resume writing service apart from a professional writing service?

The Litmus Test

Experts in the career field say there are primary factors that set a cheap resume service apart from a professional resume writing service. The litmus test is simple - a resume writing service must provide: a quality document, a unique personal design, professional knowledge and a personal consultation.

A quality document will have you standing out against other candidates, and give you the best chance of securing an interview. It will include relevant keywords targeting your specific industry, showcase career highlights, and list credentials, qualifications and core attributes. A unique personal design will represent who you are as a professional. Professional knowledge will come from a recruiting background and understand current labour market trends, as well as knowledge about what recruiting officers are looking for in resumes. Finally, a personal consultation gives a personal one-on-one service, where information can be conveyed and elicited to give the best possible assurance of service.

A cheap resume service will fail the litmus test and a professional resume writing service will come up trumps, delivering the process, writers and expertise to create edgy career documents, as opposed to simply typing up career histories.

Making the Right Choice

Making the right choice is easy, and no-one will want to gamble with something as important as their career by choosing a cheap resume service. At the end of the day, we know price has to be a consideration. But a cheap service that doesn’t pass the litmus test will give a cheap result.

Remember, the cheap services are cheap for a reason. Writing a great resume takes skill, experience and assurance. If someone is able to charge a low fee, chances are they are lacking in one or the other. Making the right choice will give you the best chance at getting the job you want.



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